Textilehaus was in need of a refresh for their 2018 Spring collection. We produced a series of studio images with Josh Anderson Photo and editorial images with Tracy Doyle Photo-to be used on their online store, social media, line sheets, and Spring Look Book. We were able to take Textilehaus through our entire visual communication process from post production into design along with the help of Tamber Creative Co. After preparing this project right before the holiday, we were also able to produce a short promotional film, with DP/Josh Kelly, to drive online traffic to her website.



Kara Lockwood, Creative Director of Selfcare Beauty, was in need of visual content for the launch of her kickstarter campaign. With the help of photographer Jeremy Kramer, we were able to produce a photo library of images to be used on their website, social media, & marketing materials to enhance the look of their brand and provide original stock imagery. We were also able to provide a series of Instagram teaser videos with DP/Cinematographer Lindsey Ballou, to be used on social media and add to the visual communication of their packaging and brand.



MUNCH was in need of original stock imagery for their website, social media, and marketing materials. Thanks to the talent sourcing from Tether Cincinnati, we produced a styled photoshoot along with food photographer Gina Withersby and food stylist, Jeff Martin. Next we brought the series of images into design with the collaborative partnership of Tamber Creative Co. With Tamber we were able to create their website, a logo refresh, business cards, pop-up banners, menus, promo cards, and table toppers.



Grandola Granola was in need of a website refresh to enhance the user compatibility of their online shop. With the collaboration of styled photos by Annette Navarro, we were able to do a homepage refresh as well as reconfigure the online shop for fewer clicks to the customer. Lastly, we produced a short promo video with DP/Cinematographer Lindsey Ballou to showcase the Grandola Granola process.